Canvas Demo for SCC Online Students

Canvas Demo for SCC Online Students
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 Welcome to the Solano Community College (SCC) Canvas Sample Online Course!

Picture of Mary Gumlia

I'm Mary Gumlia, one of several instructors who teach online and/or hybrid courses at SCC.  I have created this sample online course for students like you who want to know more about online learning and are deciding whether to take an online course. 

On the left hand side of this screen you will see a Modules tab. Start by clicking on the Modules tab, and then click on each content page in sequential order to view important information about online courses.

If you decide that online learning is for you, then follow the steps to register located in the last tab.

If you need to improve your study skills, I would recommend any of the following course

  •  Counseling 7, College Study Techniques
    (Course advisory eligibility for English 1 - Course advisory is defined in the college catalog "as recommendations made to enhance or deepen the student's learning experience in a course. While the advisory skills and proficiencies are not required in order for a student to be successful in the course, advisories should be taken seriously." If the specific course advisory information is not listed in the syllabus, go to and click on the 2013-14 Catalog Online link. Each course in the SCC Catalog has a course advisory listed.)

Check out the Counseling course descriptions at Click on Degrees & Certificates on the left hand side of the page, and then scroll down the page until you see the Counseling link.

Proceed to the Modules tab on the left. View all the pages contained in each module.


Finally, on behalf of all the SCC online instructors, we look forward to having you in class!